Zone One * Colson Whitehead

In this wry take on the post-apocalyptic horror novel, a pandemic has devastated the planet. The plague has sorted humanity into two types: the uninfected and the infected, the living and the living dead. Now the plague is receding, and Americans are busy rebuild­ing civilization under orders from the provisional govern­ment based in Buffalo. TheirContinue reading “Zone One * Colson Whitehead”

Afterburn: A Free Post-Apocalyptic Thriller – Scott Nicholson

Five years after a devastating solar storm wipes out civilization and spawns a strange race of mutants, Rachel Wheeler and her misfit family must choose whether to hide away or fight to join other survivors. As their food supply dwindles inside their bunker, radiation from abandoned nuclear plants is altering the world around them. NotContinue reading “Afterburn: A Free Post-Apocalyptic Thriller – Scott Nicholson”

The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman Author · Fred Berman Narrator

The third book in Robert Kirkman’s New York Times bestselling series, The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor! The Walking Dead original novel series, set in Robert Kirkman’s iconic universe, continues with The Fall of the Governor. From co-authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award-winning comic book and executive producer of AMC’s blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga,Continue reading “The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman Author · Fred Berman Narrator”

Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)

I thought it would be quite cool to change my listening preferences for a while and dab into the amazing German language on my way to work. And it was absolutely the right choice when I was presented with some amazing words – “selbsmord” (literally killing of self – suicide) and “hinterhältigen” (devious) The ZombieContinue reading “Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)”

The Dead don’t Die or How great actors were squandered in this crap movie

Went to see the much awaited “The Dead don’t Die” movie – which was supposed to be another horror comedy like Shaun of the Dead but it really fell flat.It’s got a great cast including Ben Swolo (Adam Driver), Groundhog Day Man (Bill Murray), The Wise one (Tilda Swinton) and Con Air Specialist (Steve Buscemi).Continue reading “The Dead don’t Die or How great actors were squandered in this crap movie”

The Girl with all the Gifts * M.R. Carey

The setting of the book starts 20 years after a deadly pathogen has ravished the globe (yet another post-apocalyptic scenario!). People are not recovering from the spread of fungus – that essentially turns people into flesh-eating zombies and which is transmitted by a bite and the saliva it contains.

Horse to Busan * Medieval Zombies and K-drama

Kingdom is based on Webtoon “God’s Country”, written by Kim Eun-Hee (Signal). Plot: a Crown Prince in medieval South Korea must fight to save his people from a zombie infection rampaging throughout the land while he evades political enemies’ schemes to take his right to the throne. “Kingdom captured our imaginations from the moment we readContinue reading “Horse to Busan * Medieval Zombies and K-drama”

The Revelation By Bentley Little

This is my third book by the horror master Bentley Little and I’m not sure I’m seeing patterns now or whether Mr. Little found a formula that worked and now he’s following it book by book. It starts off with something bad happening (in this case, loads of goats found slaughtered and the churches inContinue reading “The Revelation By Bentley Little”