The Wind Through the Keyhole Graphics

I am enchanted with Stephen King. I read some of his Good Books, some of his OK books and some of his BAD books. With The Dark Tower series, I’m not so sure where I stand. I loved the first few books, up to the Wolves of Calla, but then it kinda started going southContinue reading “The Wind Through the Keyhole Graphics”


Can you recognize the opening lines from the Stephen King novels? By the time he had passed Portland going north on the turnpike, Ben Mears had begun to feel a not unpleasurable tingle of excitement in his belly. Salem’s Lot Once upon a time, not so long ago, a monster came to the small townContinue reading “THE STEPHEN KING OPENING LINE QUIZ”

Bird and bear and hare and fish…

… give my love her fondest wish. I love reading and what I love more than reading is getting along with alternate universes where gunslingers roam the earth in search of the Dark Tower. I have read all novels from the series and I am thinking about re-reading them all. Why? Because they are awesome.Continue reading “Bird and bear and hare and fish…”