The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman Author · Fred Berman Narrator

The third book in Robert Kirkman’s New York Times bestselling series, The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor! The Walking Dead original novel series, set in Robert Kirkman’s iconic universe, continues with The Fall of the Governor. From co-authors Kirkman, creator of the Eisner Award-winning comic book and executive producer of AMC’s blockbuster TV series, and Jay Bonansinga,Continue reading “The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman Author · Fred Berman Narrator”

The road to Woodbury * Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead

The first book explained how the Governor was created; this thrilling sequel to The New York Times bestseller further reveals his ruthless, inhuman conquest of Woodbury The zombie plague unleashes its horrors on the suburbs of Atlanta without warning, pitting the living against the dead. Caught in the mass exodus, Lilly Caul struggles to survive in aContinue reading “The road to Woodbury * Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

‘Rise of The Governor’ is the story of the Blake brothers, Philip and Brian who are making their way to Atlanta with Philip’s daughter, Penny. Seventy~two hours after the dead began to come back to life, Philip, his daughter Penny, his friends, Bobby and Nick, and Philip’s older brother, Brian, the weaker of the twoContinue reading “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor”