Shooting Stars 05 Falling Stars – V. C. Andrews Book Review

I truly was crossing from one world over to other. The bright day made the skyscrapers sparkle. Their windows like precious jewels catching the sunlight. Wasn’t this a good omen? I thought. Please, dear God, let it be. This is the fifth book in the instalment and it’s all about Madame Senetsky’s dance school. FourContinue reading “Shooting Stars 05 Falling Stars – V. C. Andrews Book Review”

Cat – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 04)

Since I’ve started with the shitty series from V.C. Andrews (or her ghostwriter), I decided to tackle the last book in the series called Cat. This is definitely the most disturbing of this series. Cat deals with issues that none of the other girls had to. This wasn’t arguing parents or legal disputes or evenContinue reading “Cat – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 04)”

Misty – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 01)

There is always another bull’s-eye for Mom, who is punishing my father with my needs, whipping him with the costs of keeping me in designer jeans, straight teeth, and anything else she can buy. She pounces on a new expense and rushes to get the charges added up and sent to him ASAP, as sheContinue reading “Misty – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 01)”

Jade – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 03)

“People who are always sticking their noses into other people’s business are too helpful,” she countered. “I don’t agree. I’m not sticking my nose into anyone’s business. I’m giving her the benefit of my experience and my knowledge.” I’ve done something bad. I’ve picked up another book from V.C. Andrews, but it’s not the startContinue reading “Jade – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 03)”

Shooting Stars 02 Ice – V. C. Andrews Book Review

Ice hides from the world behind a shield of silence. And that is what her mother hates about her. All she wants is a normal daughter who wears makeup and sexy clothes to attract boys. But Ice gets her chance to shine when she reveals her beautiful singing voice. And her extraordinary gift may becomeContinue reading “Shooting Stars 02 Ice – V. C. Andrews Book Review”

Shooting Stars 01 Cinnamon – V. C. Andrews Book Review

For Cinnamon, dreaming of imaginary worlds and characters is her only escape from her mother’s breakdowns. Her grandmother’s overbearing control. Her family’s turmoil. But Cinnamon is discovering something special about herself, a gift from deep within that sets her apart: a talent for the theater that would finally give her a chance…to truly escape.

Delia’s Heart * V.C. Andrews Book Review (Book 2)

You know how it is. Sometimes you want to read a book. It can be a bad book, it can be a book that will make you think and appreciate life more. I picked up Delia’s heart curious how the tellenovella would continue. Will the Mexican Cinderella find her true love? Will her sister SofiaContinue reading “Delia’s Heart * V.C. Andrews Book Review (Book 2)”

Delia’s Crossing – V.C. Andrews (Book 1)

This should be called “Mexican Cinderella Goes to America“. It is such a soapy story that I had to skip some of the pages that were just plain complaining and nauseatingly bad written prose. I believe that this is one of the books that was written post V.C. Andrews’ passing on and were commissioned byContinue reading “Delia’s Crossing – V.C. Andrews (Book 1)”