The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray series  tells the story of a 91-year-old man who is forgotten by his family, friends, and even himself. He suffers from Dementia which makes him worse off until finally he is given a great opportunity to recover his memory for a while, and he uses this golden opportunity to uncover the mysteryContinue reading “The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey”

Foundation * Isaac Asimov Book Review

If you’re here, it might be because you’ve seen the new Foundation series and you’re thinking maybe the book is worth it. Maybe it is for you but for me it proved to be too much of a monologue on the direction of humanity than an actual story with a beginning, middle and end. FirstContinue reading “Foundation * Isaac Asimov Book Review”

Free Churro – BoJack Horseman eulogy on his mother’s death. I see you.

So I stopped at a Jack in the Box on the way here, and the girl behind the counter said, “Hiya! Are you having an awesome day?” Not, “How are you doing today?” No. “Are you having an awesome day?” Which is pretty… shitty, because it puts the onus on me to disagree with her,Continue reading “Free Churro – BoJack Horseman eulogy on his mother’s death. I see you.”

Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn

Guess who’s hooked on the new season of BoJack Horseman? While I think I’ll make a later post discussing the views of “toxic masculinity” and “Hollywood media accusing established actors for past transgressions” another time, there was a scene in the new season which absolutely blew me out of the water. One of my role-modelsContinue reading “Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn”