Philippa Gregory – The White Queen Book Review

From the creator of the Tudor Series comes another installment of queens and kings, of plots and stories of seduction from the history fantasy novelist Philippa Gregory. Elizabeth Woodville, of the House of Lancaster, is widowed when her husband is killed in battle. Aided and abetted by the raw ambition and witchcraft skills of herContinue reading “Philippa Gregory – The White Queen Book Review”

The Tudor Series – The Constant Princess (Philippa Gregory)

The Constant Princess is a historical novel by Philippa Gregory, published in 2005. The novel depicts a fictionalized version of the life of Catherine of Aragon. “I am Catalina, Princess of Spain, daughter of the two greatest monarchs the world has ever known…and I will be Queen of England.”Thus, bestselling author Philippa Gregory introduces oneContinue reading “The Tudor Series – The Constant Princess (Philippa Gregory)”