Take Me Away (Everly Place Book 1) – Rachel Kirwin

Did you ever have a childhood friend? Your only friend… One that drove you crazy but you craved more? Clay Keller isn’t a little boy anymore And I’m certainly not a little girl. I need him, and I think he needs me, too! Iris Everly is trying to figure out her place in the world.Continue reading “Take Me Away (Everly Place Book 1) – Rachel Kirwin”

The Torn Skirt – Rebecca Godfrey

The Torn Skirt Desperate for guidance, for friendship, for some sign that she’s not a freak of nature, Sara has a fleeting encounter with the mysterious Justine–the girl in the torn skirt. Already acclaimed in Canada for its raw intimacy and fresh, original voice, this is a daring debut that gives voice to the profoundContinue reading “The Torn Skirt – Rebecca Godfrey”

Falling for the Rich Boy: Boys of Summer * Vargas, Yesenia

Book Description A broken-down car. A girl down on her luck (again). And the rich boy in the blue Camaro. Dulce and her mom are no strangers to going a little hungry, sleeping on a friend’s couch, or having to start over. But when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she’s prettyContinue reading “Falling for the Rich Boy: Boys of Summer * Vargas, Yesenia”

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown * Holly Black Book Review

The first outbreak happened in Caspar’s birthplace, the smallish city of Springfield, Massachusetts, around the time Tana turned seven. Springfield was only fifty miles from her house, so it was in the local news before it went national. Initially, it seemed like a journalist’s prank. Then there was another outbreak in Chicago and another inContinue reading “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown * Holly Black Book Review”

The Abuse of Ashley Collins * Jon Athan

The Abuse of Ashley Collins was a disturbing book. I was personally unnerved while writing this story. There were even moments where I contemplated shelving the book. So, I think it’s safe to assume someone out there might have been offended by the content of this book. If you were offended, please accept my sincerestContinue reading “The Abuse of Ashley Collins * Jon Athan”

A Head Full of Ghosts – Paul Tremblay Book Review

Other jackasses have tried to argue that it’s John Barrett, not Marjorie Barrett, who becomes The Possession ’s true tragic figure, and that the show is really about his descent into madness, his being possessed by the ugliness of hatred and zealotry. His daughter’s illness, his family’s dysfunction, his unemployed status, and his beloved CatholicContinue reading “A Head Full of Ghosts – Paul Tremblay Book Review”

How to Hang a Witch – Adriana Mather

“Salem prides itself on its witches. That history is very real to the people who live here.” It’s the Salem Witch Trials meets Mean Girls in a debut novel from one of the descendants of Cotton Mather, where the trials of high school start to feel like a modern day witch hunt for a teen with allContinue reading “How to Hang a Witch – Adriana Mather”