Dance Away with Me * Susan Elizabeth Phillips

When life throws her one setback too many, midwife and young widow Tess Hartsong takes off for Runaway Mountain. In this small town high in the Tennessee mountains, surrounded by nature, she hopes to outrun her heartbreak and find the solace she needs to heal. But instead of peace and quiet, she encounters an enigmaticContinue reading “Dance Away with Me * Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

This Heart of Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips books but the Chicago stars series is a strong MEH on my side. The same formulaic approach that was found to sell books. Not-so-hot but smart good looking chick has sex once with one of the Chicago stars players – who just happens to be either between girlfriends or singleContinue reading “This Heart of Mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

Dream a Little Dream – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Here’s another cute book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Still following the same formula where a cute redhead meets a grumpy older man and they get together – followed by a side plot where another 30-year old mousy virgin gets it on with the town single hot pastor. I knew what I was going to getContinue reading “Dream a Little Dream – Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

Match Me if You Can – Susan Elizabeth Phillips Book Review

After last year’s fiasco with Heaven, Texas, I tried another book from Ms. Phillips and I must say this was all right, even better, it was funny. A rom-com with little drama 🙂 It still featured a bossy red-hair girl just over 30 who falls in love with a hunky football agent after getting hiredContinue reading “Match Me if You Can – Susan Elizabeth Phillips Book Review”

Heaven, Texas – Susan Elizabeth Phillips Book Review – Worst book of the year award

I love the books of Susan Elizabeth Phillips. There was the one with the circus, the one with the southern belle trying to keep her house, the one with the unlikely on-set romance between a teen and an ageing co-star and then there were the Chicago Bulls all stars books which I wasn’t so thrilledContinue reading “Heaven, Texas – Susan Elizabeth Phillips Book Review – Worst book of the year award”

It had to be you * Susan Elizabeth Philips

Phoebe is a sexy underestimated daughter of a football owner (Chicago Stars). When her father sudden dies she inherits his team. Unfortunately, her father’s “gift” wasn’t given out of kindness. Her father had always seen her as a failure and this opportunity to run the team was a test. She must win the championship orContinue reading “It had to be you * Susan Elizabeth Philips”

Nobody’s baby but mine * Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I have dived deep into the Chicago Stars series with Susan Elizabeth Phillips * Natural Born Charmer and now “Nobody’s baby but mine”. It’s the story of genius physics professor, Dr. Jane Darlington, who after reaching her 34th birthday decides to have a baby by any means. Afraid that going to a sperm bank will leaveContinue reading “Nobody’s baby but mine * Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

Susan Elizabeth Phillips * Natural Born Charmer

Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard is the luckiest man in the world: a bona-fide sports superstar and the pride of the NFL with a profitable side career as a buff billboard model for End Zone underwear. But life in the glory lane has started to pale, and Dean has set off on a cross-country tripContinue reading “Susan Elizabeth Phillips * Natural Born Charmer”

Susan Elizabeth Phillips * What I did for love

I think I’m becoming a fan of Susan Elizabeth Phillips! Her books are always so dramatic and the love stories so intense, I have to leave at least a couple of months between the books. As a quick list, here are the books I read so far and their reviews: Ain’t She Sweet * SusanContinue reading “Susan Elizabeth Phillips * What I did for love”

Ain’t She Sweet * Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Ain’t She Sweet? Not exactly . . . The girl everybody loves to hate has returned to the town she’d sworn to leave behind forever. As the rich, spoiled princess of Parrish, Mississippi, Sugar Beth Carey had broken hearts, ruined friendships, and destroyed reputations. But fifteen years have passed, and life has taught Sugar BethContinue reading “Ain’t She Sweet * Susan Elizabeth Phillips”