Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)

I thought it would be quite cool to change my listening preferences for a while and dab into the amazing German language on my way to work. And it was absolutely the right choice when I was presented with some amazing words – “selbsmord” (literally killing of self – suicide) and “hinterhältigen” (devious) The ZombieContinue reading “Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)”

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

I picked up this book only because I loved Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush Hush series. I must say I had a lovely surprise! A suspense, thriller, hike through the woods, serial killer on the loose, a mystery to decipher and a hot guy who might or might not be the killer. WOW! It started off wellContinue reading “Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick”

The Host – Stephanie Meyer

Completely different from Twilight and offering a slightly better love story than Bella and Edward, The Host is a book about an alien species who call themselves “souls” who like to invade unsuspecting planets and attach themselves in the aboriginal life forms and live on their life spans. It’s a story about an invasion aftermath,Continue reading “The Host – Stephanie Meyer”

Earth Abides – by George R. Stewart

From the series of post-apocalyptic novels like Emergence, Survivors and The Stand, comes a 1949 classic – Earth Abides. Different but still the same, the main difference in the disease outbreak survirvor comes in his easy detachment through which he looks at the world. He is a solitary being, used to observing events, not proneContinue reading “Earth Abides – by George R. Stewart”

Survivors * Terry Nation

From the series of Post-Apocalyptic novels comes Survivors, a book – for the first time – written on British soil and not in the USA. Before embarking on the Doctor Who trip, Terry Nations wrote a series of sci-fi novels – one of them being survivors which was later made into a TV series forContinue reading “Survivors * Terry Nation”