Burnout * Taryn Eason

Maybelle, an emotionally unstable eighteen-year-old girl, has been living in the shadow of her older sister’s success her entire life. While her sister just got accepted to Harvard medical school, Maybelle’s only future plans are which party she will be at the next weekend. When she gets destructive superpowers meant for her sister, her lifeContinue reading “Burnout * Taryn Eason”

Heroes Wallpapers

Heroes chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities, and in doing so use them to prevent catastrophic futures. The series ran for 77 episodes from September 25, 2006 to February 8, 2010. The second installment, Heroes Reborn, follows a similar premise, with ordinary people discovering their extraordinary potential. In this series, evolvedContinue reading “Heroes Wallpapers”

Who else had a crush on Sylar from Heroes about 10,000 years ago?

I ran into an old folder on my hard drive and I had a bout of nostalgia coming along. Gabriel Gray (alias Sylar, after his favorite brand of wristwatch) is the main antagonist of the Heroes series. He was once a casual watchmaker until he was visited by Chandra Suresh who identified him as PatientContinue reading “Who else had a crush on Sylar from Heroes about 10,000 years ago?”

Wonder woman against the coke-sniffing Nazi general

Guess who’s been to see Wonder Woman late last night? After the massive hype surrounding the movie and seeing Wonder Woman (plus the costumes plastered all over Comic Con), I decided to see my favourite hero re-acted by Gal Gadot.