Songmaster * Orson Scott Card Book Review

I have finally found a book from Orson Scott Card that I could not finish. He has written some amazing stories so far. I loved each and every one of them – either the fairytales or the space exploration. Even the biblical stories and I don’t do religion. Here are some of my favourites toContinue reading “Songmaster * Orson Scott Card Book Review”

Anasi Boys – Neil Gaiman Book Review

I’ve loved  American Gods, didn’t think too much of Norse Mythology but I thought I’d like the “Anasi Boys” story. And I was quite surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed it! This is the story of Anasi the Spider God and of his two human boys that he fathered with a human woman. It’s a funnyContinue reading “Anasi Boys – Neil Gaiman Book Review”

‘Wisp of a Thing’ Alex Bledsoe’s second book on the Tufas

After reading the first novel in the Tufa series, Hum and Shiver, I wanted to know what would happen with the main protagonist – the Bronwinator – and the dark – haired people in the Appalachian Cloud County. This is a story about life in a small village and about the two main families ofContinue reading “‘Wisp of a Thing’ Alex Bledsoe’s second book on the Tufas”

The Tufa Novels * The Hum and the Shiver Book Reivew

No one knows where the Tufa came from, or how they ended up in the mountains of East Tennessee.  When the first Europeans came to the Smoky Mountains, the Tufa were already there.  Dark-haired and enigmatic, they live quietly in the hills and valleys of Cloud County, their origins lost to history.  But there areContinue reading “The Tufa Novels * The Hum and the Shiver Book Reivew”