Do you notice how people hurt each other nowadays? Quote from Farenheit 451

“Why aren’t you in school? I see you every day wandering around.” “Oh, they don’t miss me,” she said. “I’m antisocial, they say. I don’t mix. It’s so strange. I’m very social indeed. It all depends on what you mean by social, doesn’t it? Social to me means talking to you about things like this.”Continue reading “Do you notice how people hurt each other nowadays? Quote from Farenheit 451”

Aldous Huxley – Island Book Review

I found this book in my sci-fi pile. Written in 1962 and possibly the last book by Aldous Huxley, Island is a far cry from Brave New World. It tries to mix Buddhism and English Colonialism and philosophy into a stew that just doesn’t taste good. It’s too contrived and the subject at hand isContinue reading “Aldous Huxley – Island Book Review”

Harvest Home by Tom Tryon (1973)

Let me tell you I haven’t heard of Tom Tryon before this book and also had no idea that this book is over 40 years old! I had it in audiobook format for a very long drive and I literally thought it was written last year. There were only a few clues about the yearContinue reading “Harvest Home by Tom Tryon (1973)”

Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? * Atlas Shrugged – John’s speech.

Still reading Atlas Shrugged (been about two months now) and I came across this part of John Gault’s speech. Close to the finish now but I still don’t want this book to end… “Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? You are now seeing the climax of the creed of the uncaused andContinue reading “Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? * Atlas Shrugged – John’s speech.”

Atlas Shrugged * The crying song of the people * Excerpt

This is what happens when inept people rule the country and prioritize budgeting for friends and luxury rather than food and subsistence and jobs: “Soybeans make an excellent substitute for bread, meat, cereals and coffee-and if all of us were compelled to adopt soybeans as our staple diet, it would solve the national food crisisContinue reading “Atlas Shrugged * The crying song of the people * Excerpt”

Red Rising By Pierce Brown (Book 1)

“I live for the dream that my children will be born free. That they will be what they like. That they will own the land their father gave them.’ ‘I live for you,’ I say sadly. She kisses my cheek. ‘Then you must live for more.” I absolutely loved this book. Why? Who wouldn’t wantContinue reading “Red Rising By Pierce Brown (Book 1)”

Matched * Ally Condie vol 1

Cassie will not let Society determine her loved one. Part 1/3 In the Society, Officials decide. Who you love. Where you work. When you die. Cassia has always trusted their choices, but she begins to question just how perfect her world really is when she notices things are not what they seem. As Cassia beginsContinue reading “Matched * Ally Condie vol 1”

Welcome 2012

Welcome to 21st Century!! Our communication » Wireless Our phones » Cordless Our cooking » Fireless Our food » Fatless Our Sweets » Sugarless Our labor » Effortless Our relations » Fruitless Our attitude » Careless Our feelings » Heartless Our politics » Shameless Our education » Worthless Our Mistakes » Countless Our arguments »Continue reading “Welcome 2012”