Orson Scott Card – Homebody Book Review

I bought a house recently and never would I have thought that an audiobook of a novel written in 1998 about a house haunting would strike so true. I didn’t read anything about the book prior to its purchase and as I went along, the story unfolded as a sweet, sometimes uplifting, sometimes saddening, taleContinue reading “Orson Scott Card – Homebody Book Review”

The Left Hand of Darkness * Ursula Le Guin

From the Archives of Hain. Transcript of Ansible Document 01-01101-934-2-Gethen: To the Stabile on Ollul: Report from Genly Ai, First Mobile on Gethen/Winter, Hainish Cycle 93, Ekumenical Year 1490–97. Of Ursula Le Guin’s Trio of Masterpieces—The Earthsea series (1968–2001), The Dispossessed (1974) and The Left Hand of Darkness (1969)—it is the latter which guards itsContinue reading “The Left Hand of Darkness * Ursula Le Guin”

Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)

Whenever I think of a young woman’s journey to an uncertain destiny, I usually think of David Palme’s Emergence  – especially if the girl is under 15, has the power to take a life and is a master of disguise, diplomacy and martial arts. Patience is the seventh seventh seventh daughter of the space captain who firstContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)”

Margaret Atwood – In other worlds

It took me close to a year to read this 255 book. Mostly because it had so many references to book I had not read before and I had to pause the book reading, go read the referenced book, come back to this one and keep going. So only I can understand the references andContinue reading “Margaret Atwood – In other worlds”