Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch

I had this book in my horror pile for nearly a year and only now I had some time to spare and read this. While it’s not a horror masterpiece, it does allow you to get drawn in and suffocate in questions, much like the main character is. Ethan Burke, Secret Service, has been sentContinue reading “Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch”

Bentley Little – The Association Book Review

There is something distinctively creepy about small towns that like to meddle in your business. Harvest Home by Tom Tryon (1973) had a nice approach to it and Bentley Little brings his own spin to meddling neighbors. The story follows Barry and Maureen moving into the house of their dreams in Utah’s beautiful Bonita Vista. ItContinue reading “Bentley Little – The Association Book Review”

The Mailman – Bentley Little Book Review

Let me tell you about a story that happened well before we had internet. Well before emails were a way of communication. Before we had mobile phones and easy communication methods at our disposal. This is when “The Mailman” takes place. This is the story of horrifying abuse of power (as mailmen and mailwomen areContinue reading “The Mailman – Bentley Little Book Review”

Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers #10) by John Sandford

“Why would a just God allow this to happen? Was it all part of an evolutionary clockwork that God allowed to work through itself, unguided, an enormous experiment of some kind, for good reasons that humans couldn’t perceive?” Class reunions: a time for memories—good, bad, and, as Virgil Flowers is about to find out, deadly—inContinue reading “Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers #10) by John Sandford”

A Simple Plan by Scott B. Smith Book Review

Looking back on it now, after all that’s happened, it seems insane with what little fear I picked this path. Once one accepts the bizarre premise of Smith’s astonishingly adept, ingeniously plotted debut thriller, the book fulfills every expectation of a novel of suspense, leading the reader on a wild exploration of the banality ofContinue reading “A Simple Plan by Scott B. Smith Book Review”

Stephen King * Desperation Book Review

“God says, “Sure, take away the safety net. And when that’s gone, take away the tight rope too.” This is one of the many books that Mr. King wrote that got a movie adaptation. A very crappy one indeed. But to be honest, the book wasn’t that good either! You can start throwing your rocksContinue reading “Stephen King * Desperation Book Review”

Salem’s Lot * Stephen King (Or the best vampire book since Dracula)

“The town knew about darkness. It knew about the darkness that comes on the land when rotation hides the land from the sun, and about the darkness of the human soul” Vampires are so over-rated or so people think. We’ve had Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Strain, The Summoning, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles andContinue reading “Salem’s Lot * Stephen King (Or the best vampire book since Dracula)”

Stephen King * Needful Things Book Review

As it’s the season to be Merry and gifting – why not go and have a look at another Stephen King book that deals with people WANTING things, NEEDING things, DESIRING things – and a shop that can fulfill every desire, at a price. “Everything is for sale”, “Free trade is what made this countryContinue reading “Stephen King * Needful Things Book Review”

The Dressmaker – Rosalie Ham

‘The sense of being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow.’ Miss C.F. Forbes quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson in Social Aims The Dressmaker is a clever satire about village life. Though the novel is set in 1950s rural Australia, it reminds readers of hypocritical, mean-spirited microcosms everywhere. AContinue reading “The Dressmaker – Rosalie Ham”