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Darkness under the sun * Dean Koontz

Darkness Under the Sun is a short novella that introduces, Alton Turner Blackwood, the brutal killer in his novel What the Night Knows, which was also published in 2010. The novella brings Blackwood to a small town where he terrorizes a teenaged boy. Unwittingly the boy precipitates a ruthless change in Blackwood's murderous compulsion. Although… Continue reading Darkness under the sun * Dean Koontz

Stephen King

Stephen King * Thinner

Thinner is about a fat man who is cursed by a gypsy and loses weight. If that’s all there was to it I’m sure we’d all be running out to find ourselves a Romany, but that’s not how curses work. Billy Halleck, the fat man, can’t stop losing weight and it’s going to kill him. “Some… Continue reading Stephen King * Thinner

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Stephen King – Quitters Inc.

OMG! If you ever want to stop smoking or lose weight, read "Quitters Inc" from the master of horror, Stephen King. The story is not terrifying because of supernatural elements but there is a constant feeling of threat permeating through from beginning to end. The get-go is simple - a guy meets and old friend in… Continue reading Stephen King – Quitters Inc.

Stephen King

Throttle * Joe Hill & Stephen King

In the Stephen King Universe, there are a few stories, like In the tall grass which has both him and his son, Joe Hill, as co-authors. "They rode west from the slaughter, through the painted desert, and did not stop until they were a hundred miles away." So begins Throttle's terrifying odyssey down desolate Route 6,… Continue reading Throttle * Joe Hill & Stephen King

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The Wicked Mr Hall – The Memoirs of the Butler Who Loved to Kill

OK, I must confess I picked up the book based on the cover. I barely had a look at the author, my eyes were drawn on the very Dexter-like blood splatters, the picture of a mansion in an old-timey frame and seeing the word Butler... made me think of all the crime novels I read… Continue reading The Wicked Mr Hall – The Memoirs of the Butler Who Loved to Kill

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The cat from Hell * Stephen King

An old man hires a killer to dispose of a cat who is out to kill him. This short story is about Halston, a hired killer, tasked with an unlikely target. A cat. The old man who hires him pays handsomely for the task as the cat in question is hard to kill. Being a… Continue reading The cat from Hell * Stephen King