Forever Odd * Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz

The heart is an artist that paints over what profoundly disturbs us, leaving on the canvas a less dark, less sharp version of the truth. This is a good, if quieter and slower-paced read than ODD THOMAS. We still have Odd with his dead-seeing power and his good heart that wants to help, even if itContinue reading “Forever Odd * Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz”

Jeff Lindsay * Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book 1

It’s been close to 13 years since I first read this book. The “Dexter” show was in full swing and I ran across the book in the stores and, since I wanted to be a police-woman, I wanted to see how serial killers thought and behaved first hand. And who could teach better than Dexter,Continue reading “Jeff Lindsay * Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book 1”

Tahereh Mafi * Destroy Me (“Shatter Me” Series 1.5) Book Review

Not since Margaret Atwood’s Fallen women that I had the opportunity to see another way of falling. Falling in love. “And I’ve fallen. So hard. I’ve hit the ground. Gone right through it. Never in my life have I felt this. Nothing like this. I’ve felt shame and cowardice, weakness and strength. I’ve known terror andContinue reading “Tahereh Mafi * Destroy Me (“Shatter Me” Series 1.5) Book Review”

The Witcher Book Series

So chances are that if you’re here, you’re a fan of the Witcher, but with the giant influx of popularity that occurred upon the release of the Witcher III: Wild Hunt, many new fans are unaware of the source material that inspired these fantastic games. The Witcher video games are based on a renowned fantasyContinue reading “The Witcher Book Series”

Maggie Stiefvater * The Wolves Of Mercy Falls Trilogy

I picked up these three gorgeous books at a sale at The Works (paid £5 for something that made my life a lot nicer, filled my heart with love and light and made me forget the horrors of Twilight). The book covers are amazing but they give nothing away of the subject (btw, mine areContinue reading “Maggie Stiefvater * The Wolves Of Mercy Falls Trilogy”

Beautiful Creatures Novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl * Book Review

Do you remember The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare where a normal teenager gets mixed up with creatures like faeries and werewolves and angels? Or Ink Exchange from Melissa Marr dealing with faeries and tattoos? Or maybe the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy? Well, there is this book about a teenage girl just turning 16, movingContinue reading “Beautiful Creatures Novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl * Book Review”

The Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas “The dead don’t talk. I don’t know why.” But they do try to communicate, with a short-order cook in a small desert town serving as their reluctant confidant. Odd Thomas thinks of himself as an ordinary guy, if possessed of a certain measure of talent at the Pico Mundo Grill and rapturously inContinue reading “The Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz”

Series: Tales of Alvin Maker * Orson Scott Card

Seventh Son Book 1  Red Prophet Book 2  Prentice Alvin Book 3 Alvin Journeyman Book 4  Heartfire Book 5  The Crystal City Book 6 Master Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker #7) The final volume in the Alvin Maker series. Card has mentioned that he is working on this book but has given no specific dates

The Mortal Instruments Series * Cassandra Clare

A thousand years ago, the Angel Raziel mixed his blood with the blood of men and created the race of the Nephilim. Human-angel hybrids, they walk among us, unseen but ever-present, our invisible protectors. They call themselves Shadowhunters. The Shadowhunters obey the laws set down in the Gray Book, given to them by the angel:Continue reading “The Mortal Instruments Series * Cassandra Clare”

Shatter me – Tahereh Mafi Book review

I came upon Tahereh Mahi by looking for a book to follow up Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin – a book about a dystopian future, made for young adults, featuring a love story and a chase by the government, a story about star-crossed lovers like “The Hunger Games”. The first book of his quintologyContinue reading “Shatter me – Tahereh Mafi Book review”