The Face of Fear * Dean Koontz

While I absolutely love Dean Koontz, this book was really really short and not that good to be fair. At least when compared to some of his other works. A gifted clairvoyant. A shocking vision. A deadly killer.Dean Koontz writes a spine-chilling novel in The Face of Fear – a gripping tale of predator and prey. PerfectContinue reading “The Face of Fear * Dean Koontz”

The Obsession – Nora Roberts Book Review

But where had her father gone? He had secrets—she figured all adults did. Secrets they kept from everybody, secrets that made their eyes go hard if you asked the wrong question. Maybe he was an explorer, one who went through a magic door to another world. Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group ISBN: 9780349407784 Number of pages: 544 Weight: 362Continue reading “The Obsession – Nora Roberts Book Review”

Dean Koontz – The Bone Farm

An audio original novella featuring bestselling author Dean Koontz’s compelling new heroine, Jane Hawk. From the case files of the former FBI agent before she became the nation’s most wanted fugitive – The Bone Farm details a desperate man-hunt for a serial killer before he murders again. Katherine Haskell, a young college co-ed is onContinue reading “Dean Koontz – The Bone Farm”

Dexter by Design * Jeff Lindsay (Book 4)

Why bother inflicting enormous pain on yourself when sooner or later Life would certainly get around to doing it for you? The book begins just after Dexter returns from his honeymoon in Paris. Having experienced the city of lights and romance, Dexter and Rita are ready to return home.. until they get invited to anContinue reading “Dexter by Design * Jeff Lindsay (Book 4)”

Dexter in the Dark * Jeff Lindsay Book Review

I’ve listened to Jeff Lindsay * Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book 1 and Dearly Devoted Dexter * Book 2 * Jeff Lindsay and I must say I enjoyed the third book in the installment. The blood splatter analyst is about to get married and his dark passenger is no longer an entity that’s part of Dexter. It becomes aContinue reading “Dexter in the Dark * Jeff Lindsay Book Review”

American Psycho * Bret Easton Ellis – 1991

Because I read Dexter recently, and it’s the scariest month in the year, I decided to pick a book from my bookshelf which I’ve been avoiding for quite some time – an all-time American Classic, banned from the publisher for extreme violence and torture scenes – eventually allowed and then made into a movie. Disintegration—I’mContinue reading “American Psycho * Bret Easton Ellis – 1991”

Dearly Devoted Dexter * Book 2 * Jeff Lindsay

Dearly Devoted Dexter (2005) is a crime/horror novel by Jeff Lindsay, the second in his series about sociopathic vigilante Dexter Morgan, which has been adapted into the eponymous television series. Read Book 1 Review Here: In this acclaimed follow-up to the bestselling novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, we pick up with Dexter Morgan when he’s under considerable pressure. It’s not easyContinue reading “Dearly Devoted Dexter * Book 2 * Jeff Lindsay”

Jeff Lindsay * Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book 1

It’s been close to 13 years since I first read this book. The “Dexter” show was in full swing and I ran across the book in the stores and, since I wanted to be a police-woman, I wanted to see how serial killers thought and behaved first hand. And who could teach better than Dexter,Continue reading “Jeff Lindsay * Darkly Dreaming Dexter Book 1”

Perfume – The story of a Murderer by Patrick-Süskind book review

Never could I have imagined the manner in which the story would be presented, the life that was given to the world of our “hero” and the total contrast this made with his own inhumanity. I have rarely felt so distant and estranged from a book character, which totally reflects his position in his world,Continue reading “Perfume – The story of a Murderer by Patrick-Süskind book review”

Dear Amy * Helen Callaghan Book review

In her guise as ‘Dear Amy’, agony aunt for a local newspaper, Margot Lewis has dealt with all sorts of letters – but never one like this… Dear Amy, I’ve been kidnapped by a strange man. I don’t know where I am. Please help me, Bethan Avery This must be a cruel hoax. Because BethanContinue reading “Dear Amy * Helen Callaghan Book review”