Flowers for Algernon * Daniel Keyes

I ran into this book recommendation on Reddit of all places, talking about IQ, EQ and other interesting things. I had it on my radar and I decided to bite the bullet and read it over a week. I was totally mistaken on how long it actually took me to finish it – 2 daysContinue reading “Flowers for Algernon * Daniel Keyes”

I’d Rather Be Reading – Anne Bogel Book Review

This was a fairly short book and considering that at 112 pages, 10% is just the introduction, I wasn’t expecting to be met with a life-changing story or at least one to provide some insight in my own thinking like “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I haven’t been blown away but IContinue reading “I’d Rather Be Reading – Anne Bogel Book Review”

Surfacing * Margaret Atwood Book Review

“When you can’t tell the difference between your own pleasure and your pain then you’re an addict.” Part detective novel, part psychological thriller, Surfacing is the story of a talented woman artist who goes in search of her missing father on a remote island in northern Quebec. Setting out with her lover and another young couple, she soonContinue reading “Surfacing * Margaret Atwood Book Review”

How to command and influence people

The Styles and Methods of Power Power is the ability to get things done – your way. Sometimes it’s a direct order that you give, sometimes a suggestion you make, or a request or the asking of a favor; but the result (if you have power) is always that the other person acts and you derive aContinue reading “How to command and influence people”

You are the future * Rainer Maria Rilke

Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot über den Ebenen der Ewigkeit. Du bist der Hahnschrei nach der Nacht der Zeit, der Tau, die Morgenmette und die Maid, der fremde Mann, die Mutter und der Tod.Du bist die sich verwandelnde Gestalt, die immer einsam aus dem Schicksal ragt, die unbejubeltContinue reading “You are the future * Rainer Maria Rilke”

The Real Self in a Virtual World: Popular Culture as an Expression of Human Nature

Do you know who you are or have you lost yourself so far? Everyone– at least everyone with a reasonably normal mind and brain — has a true self that is partly buried beneath their everyday personality. This self is who each o us is and can become when our natural growth isn’t interfered withContinue reading “The Real Self in a Virtual World: Popular Culture as an Expression of Human Nature”