Dune Messiah * (Book 2) Frank Herbert

Having recently finished Dune by Frank Herbert, I decided to jump right in and read the second book in the series, following the immediate outcome from Paul of the House Atreides marrying princess Irulan alongside his concubine Chani. He’s now the new emperor and under his command are the Fremen and a lot of conspiring housesContinue reading “Dune Messiah * (Book 2) Frank Herbert”

Dune by Frank Herbert

Though Dune won the Nebula and Hugo awards, the two most prestigious science fiction prizes, it was not an overnight commercial success. Its fanbase built through the 60s and 70s, circulating in squats, communes, labs and studios, anywhere where the idea of global transformation seemed attractive. Fifty years later it is considered by many to be theContinue reading “Dune by Frank Herbert”

Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) by Jeff VanderMeer

I’ve seen the movie first and ’cause I’ve had issue with the structure of it, I postponed reading the book (which I already had!) for nearly a year. That was very wrong of me and I’ll tell you why: the book was awesome and there’s so much more detail in there explaining parts of theContinue reading “Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) by Jeff VanderMeer”

Hands of Fate (Veredian Chronicles Book 5) – Regine Abel

Thirty years ago, Xevius defied his orders by refusing to assassinate the woman who would birth the future mother of the Veredian Titans. Today, his government demands that he atones for that failure by ridding the world of those children before they grow even more powerful. While on that mission, he feels the pull ofContinue reading “Hands of Fate (Veredian Chronicles Book 5) – Regine Abel”

The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin (Hugo Fantasy Award Winner 2017)

The first book used three point-of-view characters, each with the gift—or curse—of orogeny, the ability to manipulate seismic activity in the tectonically-volatile world ironically named the Stillness. By end of the novel, it becomes clear that all three protagonists are the same person, Essun, at different stages in her life. The Obelisk Gate largely abandons flashbacks, instead carrying the storyContinue reading “The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin (Hugo Fantasy Award Winner 2017)”


Psss… Hey you! I heard you liked sci-fi movies involving an alien invasion. Wanna hear what this book is all about? Aliens invade the earth in five steps, using electromagnetic pulse, induced tsunamis, and a pandemic. They must have their own reasons for this methodical but inefficient campaign, and the motivations of aliens could indeedContinue reading “The Fifth Wave BY RICK YANCEY”

A Bounty of Love (Love Between the Stars Book 1) * Willow Walker

Synopsis In another time, in a galaxy on the far side of another universe, you can find love between the stars. Yeva Hawthorne is a bounty hunter looking to fill a bank account with 20 million credits to repay a debt. Tobias Hawk is also a bounty hunter and he is going after money toContinue reading “A Bounty of Love (Love Between the Stars Book 1) * Willow Walker”

Orson Scott Card – The Call of Earth

The Call of Earth continues the story of Nafai, his family, and the few other people selected by the Oversoul to leave the city of Basilica, and their former lives. Book 1: Memory Of Earth When the human refugees from a ruined Earth founded a colony on the planet Harmony, they determined that this worldContinue reading “Orson Scott Card – The Call of Earth”