Atinahika (supraorganism)

Şi-am murit fără să ştiu,Parcă-i adormire,Căci nu eram nici mort, nici viu,Simţind o nesimţire.Apoi o clipă n-a trecutŞi două firi depline,Doi “eu” întregi s-au desfăcutDintr-un singur mine. Eram un “eu” încremenitJos, cu condeiu-n mână.Sus, “eu” celălalt priveam uimitLa faţa-i de ţărână.Şi mă-ntrebam cum de putuiSă-ndur, o, Doamne Sfinte!Cincizeci de ani în pielea “lui”“Eu” – inimăContinue reading “Atinahika (supraorganism)”

15 beautiful pictures from Romania

The Romanian landscape is approximately one-third mountainous and one-third forested, with the remainder made up of hills and plains. The climate is temperate and marked by four distinct seasons. Romania enjoys a considerable wealth of natural resources: fertile land for agriculture; pastures for livestock; forests that provide hard and soft woods; petroleum reserves; metals, includingContinue reading “15 beautiful pictures from Romania”

We “decided” to leave the EU – what does it mean for non-Brits?

Well, it’s been a punch in the balls waking up in the morning yesterday and seeing the #Brexit poll results. 17 million people want out of the EU, 16 millions want to stay in the EU. Brits wanna leave, they voted to leave, they never thought it was going to happen, but it did. CurrentContinue reading “We “decided” to leave the EU – what does it mean for non-Brits?”

The Manole Maester and Hitobashira

Earlier today I was wasting some time on 9Gag and I came across some really nifty Japanese horror tales. As I was scrolling through them enjoying some ice-cream, I came across the story of Hitobashira: Tales of “human pillars” (hitobashira) — people who were deliberately buried alive inside large-scale construction projects — have circulated inContinue reading “The Manole Maester and Hitobashira”

Te duci copilarie (Poetry in Romanian)

Mi-e grea maturitatea, mi-e greu să fiu docil Aș da orice pe lume să redevin copil Zburdam prin curtea plină cu rațe și găini Trăiau pe-atunci părinții și rude și vecini Mi le-ai luat pe toate și-o lacrimă îmi storci Te duci, copilărie, și nu te mai întorci Nu mai există basme, nici eu nuContinue reading “Te duci copilarie (Poetry in Romanian)”

A short middle finger to @Channel4 for the s%$t spray on honest Romanians

The sweet and caring people at Channel4 have recently aired (and keep on airing to their shame) a show that not only shows a few stereotypes as the general outlook of an entire nation, but are also encouraging dissensions among legal immigrants in the United Kingdom and Brits. I’m a Romanian, I am working inContinue reading “A short middle finger to @Channel4 for the s%$t spray on honest Romanians”