The Day’s Wake * Erik A Otto

*** Book 2 – Tale of Infidels series *** Hideous beasts? Conspiracies? A fracturing world? The infidels are spinning their deranged tales across the realm. It’s a heathen contagion; a grievous elixir. Do not drink from it. Besides, there is no place for these blasphemous lies when events are in play that are disturbing enough.Continue reading “The Day’s Wake * Erik A Otto”

How Revivalist Preachers Work

If you’ve seen a revivalist preacher on TV, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve read some books – you know a bit more. Revival * Stephen King, A battle for your mind If you’d like to see a revivalist preacher at work, there are probably several in your city. Go to the church or tentContinue reading “How Revivalist Preachers Work”

The Long Tomorrow – Leigh Brackett Book Review

Humanity’s curiosity and invention cannot be repressed, but the attractions of the pastoral lifestyle and the desire to avoid the complications of technological progress cannot be entirely denied, however ultimately misguided. The book begins in Pymatuning, 100 years after a nuclear war has destroyed every city on earth. In Brackett’s world, it’s the Amish and MennonitesContinue reading “The Long Tomorrow – Leigh Brackett Book Review”

The Servants of Twilight * Dean Koontz

To his mother, Joey seems an ordinary six-year-old boy – special to her, but to no one else. To the Servants of Twilight, however, he is an evil presence who must be destroyed – an Anti-Christ who must die. This is a scary could-be-story about the power of cults and how they cannot stop onceContinue reading “The Servants of Twilight * Dean Koontz”