I’d Rather Be Reading – Anne Bogel Book Review

This was a fairly short book and considering that at 112 pages, 10% is just the introduction, I wasn’t expecting to be met with a life-changing story or at least one to provide some insight in my own thinking like “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” I haven’t been blown away but IContinue reading “I’d Rather Be Reading – Anne Bogel Book Review”

Sharp Objects TV Show Overview

Or how they’ve perfectly transcribed an awesome book to screen I’ve read every book that Gillian Flynn has ever written. Yes, bookworm and proud of it. It’s dangerous out there for you, people are killing little girls.   And my favourite: Sharp Objects. I read it in 2016, many years after it had been publishedContinue reading “Sharp Objects TV Show Overview”

Stephen King * UR – Short Story

“ Does this gadget of yours have a smell?” “Nope,” Henderson replied. “Not really. But when you turn the pages…here, with this button…they kind of flutter, like in a real book, and I can go to any page I want, and when it sleeps, it shows pictures of famous writers, and it holds a charge”Continue reading “Stephen King * UR – Short Story”

17 Books you should consider this Christmas

The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina HenríquezCristina Henríquez’s debut novel tells the story of immigration in America by following the lives two teenagers in love and their families. Euphoria by Lily KingEuphoria is a historical novel that imagines the details of iconic anthropologist Margaret Meade’s love triangle while researching in New Guinea. A BriefContinue reading “17 Books you should consider this Christmas”

Kafka on the Shore * Haruki Murakami

It took me close to two weeks to finish this colossal book. Not because it was a drag to read but because every sentence was filled with meaning and every turn in the book drove me deeper into a labyrinth that transcended death. Having only read before “Norwegian Wood”, I found this book having someContinue reading “Kafka on the Shore * Haruki Murakami”

About Books – from Dean Koontz

  I recently read The Door to December (1985) by Dean Koontz and I loved this little excerpt about books. Frowning at the box in Dan’s hands, Padrakis raised his voice above the shrieking engine of the nature lovers’ vehicle. ‘What’s that you’ve got there?’ ‘Books.’ ‘Books?’ ‘Assembled sheets of paper with words on them, for the purposeContinue reading “About Books – from Dean Koontz”