Worlds Beyond * Ian Wilson

“There is one consistent feature to stories of so-called “ghosts”, it is that they almost invariably seem to have their roots in some tragedy from the past.” Worlds Beyond is the title of a thirteen-part TV series which explores the world of paranormal as it has been revealed in the lives of countless “ordinary” peopleContinue reading “Worlds Beyond * Ian Wilson”

Jodi Picoult * Where there is smoke

How frustrating this short story was. I finished it in about half an hour and I just wanted more! The story builds up nicely and has an interesting plot line but at the end you just wish you had either your half hour back or the rest of the book to finish. It should beContinue reading “Jodi Picoult * Where there is smoke”

Stephen King – I know what you want * Night shift

From the Night Shift comes another wonderful creepy story about a couple in love. Well, when they met they weren’t a couple. And when they broke up, they had a story to tell to raise the hair up on your arms. I know what you need. Like the voice of a submarine captain tolling offContinue reading “Stephen King – I know what you want * Night shift”