The Amityville Horror, by Jay Anson PREFACE

PREFACE by Reverend John Nicola The problem to which this book addresses itself is one which, although it is as old as mankind, needs to be brought to the attention of thoughtful readers today. All civilizations have expressed some sense of insecurity and fear over the spotty but recurring reports of phenomena that leave menContinue reading “The Amityville Horror, by Jay Anson PREFACE”

Malice by Griffin Hayes Book Review

Welcome to Millingham, MA, pop. 5000… 4997… 4993… The sheriff has convinced himself and others that the recent rash of deaths in the town are just suicides. Lysander Shore knows different. He knows the townsfolk are being hunted. He knows they face an evil as old as the town itself. He knows it’s something thatContinue reading “Malice by Griffin Hayes Book Review”

How Revivalist Preachers Work

If you’ve seen a revivalist preacher on TV, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve read some books – you know a bit more. Revival * Stephen King, A battle for your mind If you’d like to see a revivalist preacher at work, there are probably several in your city. Go to the church or tentContinue reading “How Revivalist Preachers Work”

Revival * Stephen King

“Electricity is the basis of all life.” That was Jacobs, all right. The line was better than a fingerprint. “The rest said something like, Take your heart. It runs on microvolts. This current is provided by potassium, an electrolyte. Your body converts potassium into ions—electrically charged particles—and uses them to regulate not just your heartContinue reading “Revival * Stephen King”