Afterburn: A Free Post-Apocalyptic Thriller – Scott Nicholson

Five years after a devastating solar storm wipes out civilization and spawns a strange race of mutants, Rachel Wheeler and her misfit family must choose whether to hide away or fight to join other survivors. As their food supply dwindles inside their bunker, radiation from abandoned nuclear plants is altering the world around them. NotContinue reading “Afterburn: A Free Post-Apocalyptic Thriller – Scott Nicholson”

Orson Scott Card – The Call of Earth

The Call of Earth continues the story of Nafai, his family, and the few other people selected by the Oversoul to leave the city of Basilica, and their former lives. Book 1: Memory Of Earth When the human refugees from a ruined Earth founded a colony on the planet Harmony, they determined that this worldContinue reading “Orson Scott Card – The Call of Earth”

Last Stand: Surviving America’s Collapse by William H. Weber

I got all the Last Stand (audio)books by William H. Webber as a birthday present and I must say they were an amazing gift. If you’re into survival, zombie apocalypse, prepping for doomsday, weapons fanatic and interested in self-preservation – this book – these books – are amazing. They are a wealth of information andContinue reading “Last Stand: Surviving America’s Collapse by William H. Weber”

The Time Machine * H.G. Wells

The Time Traveller had finally finished work on his time machine, and it rocketed him into the future. When the machine stops, in the year 802,701 AD, he finds himself in a paradisiacal world of small humanoid creatures called Eloi. “Face this world. Learn its ways, watch it, be careful of too hasty guesses atContinue reading “The Time Machine * H.G. Wells”

The Long Walk * Stephen King Short Story (Bachman Books)

This was a short and scary book. 384 pages penned under Richard Bachman, just alongside Rage and Thinner, and it probably stands close in time with Running Man. I think Stephen King foresaw what entertainment would look like in the future. Murderous games done as entertainment, Survivor, Big Brother. “To hell with you. You justContinue reading “The Long Walk * Stephen King Short Story (Bachman Books)”

Find Me book review * by Laura van den Berg

After two acclaimed story collections, Laura van den Berg brings us Find Me, her highly anticipated debut novel–a gripping, imaginative, darkly funny tale of a young woman struggling to find her place in the world. I bought this book after reading a review on the Culture section of BBC News. Find Me was listed as oneContinue reading “Find Me book review * by Laura van den Berg”

What sort of egomaniacal monster are you? A human being * Orson Scott Card – Wyrms Quote

This is the discussion between Patience and the head of her father from Orson Scott Card’s 1987 book called Wyrms. She found out that she is the prophecy female destined to make the world or kill it as the destined lover of Unwyrm. When her father died, the king ordered to have truth worms implantedContinue reading “What sort of egomaniacal monster are you? A human being * Orson Scott Card – Wyrms Quote”

Hiero’s Journey

5,000 years in the future, as an aftermath of the Death which happened long ago, mutations have run amok. Some benefit mankind and some are creepy-crawly creatures that actively hunt humans. Telepathy between men and some animals is now possible. I myself love the “morse” which is a super-sized moose that doubles as a horseContinue reading “Hiero’s Journey”