Suicide Forest (World’s Scariest Places #1) by Jeremy Bates

SUICIDE forest is real. the Japanese call it Aokigahara Jukai, which means “Sea of Trees.” Each year local authorities remove from it more than one hundred bodies, most found hanging from tree branches and in various states of decay. Abandoned tents, moldy sleeping bags, dirty daypacks, and miles of ribbon litter the forest floor. ItContinue reading “Suicide Forest (World’s Scariest Places #1) by Jeremy Bates”

“Every Road” by Michael Traveler, author of The Backroads series of books

every road leads somewhere to challenges that forge our soul to temptations that make us weak to joys beyond measure to blessings that run deep to places where we feel safe to sleep to graces that rain down on us from up above but rest assured every road leads somewhere to knowledge and riches beyondContinue reading ““Every Road” by Michael Traveler, author of The Backroads series of books”

Christmas In Aspen & Aspen Nightlife

Aspen, Colorado is a great place to spend your Christmas vacation. You can spend your days on the slopes, and your nights taking advantage of all of the planned Christmas activities, as well as the usual Aspen nightlife. No matter what your interests are, there is always something to do in Aspen. During the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas In Aspen & Aspen Nightlife”