El Bloody Torreador – Bulfighting gone bad

Whether you like it or not – agree with it or despise it – bullfighting exists in Spain and is an important part of their history and culture. The femoral artery runs through the femoral triangle and then by the adductor, finishing when crosses the hiatus of the adductor! It’s the only blood vessel thatContinue reading “El Bloody Torreador – Bulfighting gone bad”

Spartacus Season 3 : Julius Caesar can invade my territories every day

I started watching Spartacus Season 3 yesterday… And it was good! It had blood, gore, amazing slash-es, 300-esque slow mo scenes and bweeebs. Loads of them! I stopped counting when the nipple count got to 100 (men and female). Sex scenes are uncut and I remembered why I loved the first two seasons and theContinue reading “Spartacus Season 3 : Julius Caesar can invade my territories every day”