5 things I learned from Alice Through The Looking Glass

When you’re good at what you do, don’t let others dictate how you do it It’s interesting how they played the theme of mirrors through the movie, forcing Alice to look at herself, really look at herself. She’s an awesome captain of a ship and she isn’t built to do secretarial work at a lowestContinue reading “5 things I learned from Alice Through The Looking Glass”

The British Romantic Obsession with Gardens and Roses in particular

British folk love their gardens. I mean, they really love them. I have spoken to a true enthusiast and he confessed that he had more pictures of his plants than of his children. He loves the Latin names and the yearly competitions that name a winner among the houses in a neighbourhood or in aContinue reading “The British Romantic Obsession with Gardens and Roses in particular”

Spot the cat

There were really strong winds last night and the fence fell down on one of the houses in the area. As I walked past, I saw a multitude of toys, plastics and other items that would be deemed as rubbish and one cat. I challenge you to find it.

The Easter Lily

There are a lot of traditions all over the world that are related to Easter. One of the nice ones is with the Easter Lily, a majestic and elegant flower that is referenced in the Bible in the Sermon on the Mount, when Christ said: “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: theyContinue reading “The Easter Lily”