Tips from Amy Poehler on How to be a good Mom and Wife

Make sure he’s grateful to be with you. Your boobs won’t be as big as mine but you will be happy about that as you get older. Always tell people when they do a good job. Always have a messy purse. Guilt works. You are the smartest and best. Monty Python is funny. Be nice… Continue reading Tips from Amy Poehler on How to be a good Mom and Wife

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Chicken Soup for the Mother’s soul * 101 Stories

I read this lovely book while sitting on a 2h commute and I think I laughed and I cried and I felt like having a baby just here and now.  I recommend this book to any new mother to be - either by adopting, using a carrier mommy or even by carrying the little bundle… Continue reading Chicken Soup for the Mother’s soul * 101 Stories

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American Pastoral * Philip Roth Book Review

It took me ages to finish this book, not because it was boring but because it was filled with clumpy description of un-interesting events and people who had little to no meaning towards the story. I got interested in this great classic of American literature after watching the movie starring Ewan McGregor and I thought -… Continue reading American Pastoral * Philip Roth Book Review

Growing Up


In a child’s education an important factor is the parents’ expertise for this “job”. No one is born holding all the knowledge, but we can learn and understand some things from books or advice from qualified persons. Amongst the commandments a parent should strictly follow are the following: Do not underestimate your child – he… Continue reading 12 COMMANDMENTS FOR PARENTS

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Teaching a toddler to walk

Exercise is essentially important to the health of the infant. Its first exercise, of course, will be in the nurse's arms. After a month or two, when it begins to sleep less during the day, it will delight to roll and kick about on the sofa: it will thus use its limbs freely; and this,… Continue reading Teaching a toddler to walk

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The Servants of Twilight * Dean Koontz

To his mother, Joey seems an ordinary six-year-old boy - special to her, but to no one else. To the Servants of Twilight, however, he is an evil presence who must be destroyed - an Anti-Christ who must die. This is a scary could-be-story about the power of cults and how they cannot stop once… Continue reading The Servants of Twilight * Dean Koontz


The Piano Teacher – The Metaphysics of Self-Denial

A short analysis of Erika Kohut from the book "The Piano Teacher" by Elfriede Jelinek. The nobel prize winner book has been adapted into a highly rated movie - tough and filled with disturbing sex scenes. Erika is a highly intelligent, perfectionistic, ambitious and driven woman, who has single-mindedly and relentlessly identified her whole self… Continue reading The Piano Teacher – The Metaphysics of Self-Denial

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The Piano Teacher * Elfriede Jelinek

When you think your parents were controlling, think again. When you think your life as a single middle-aged woman is bad, think again. If you think that you did not live your life to the fullest, think again. Meet Erika Kohut, an Austrian Piano Teacher at the Vienna Conservatory, a Bach and Shubert enthusiast, multi-talented… Continue reading The Piano Teacher * Elfriede Jelinek

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If I Stay (Gayle Forman)

If you were trapped in a coma after a tragic accident that left your entire family - mother, father and little brother - dead - would you fight for life or sink away slowly into death's embrace? Built upon flashbacks, the book is an amazing gem, beautifully written, a song for life on every page.… Continue reading If I Stay (Gayle Forman)

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The Christmas Cookie Club

These stories about the lives of twelve friends will definitely leave you wanting for more. Publication Date: 14 Oct 2010 | Series: Cookie Club What would we do without one another? It was a statement, not a question. Each of us knew the answer for herself. Every year on the first Monday of December, Marnie… Continue reading The Christmas Cookie Club