Ristorante Paradisio – Great Anime

So I watched another series of uncharted animes, so out of the mainstream range that it did not feature any magic maidens with super large breasts that transformed into robots to save the world from utter destruction but instead had a cast of a young female protagonist and a few elderly (over 50) gentlemen. Set in theContinue reading “Ristorante Paradisio – Great Anime”

This melody is stuck in my mind

I have been naughty again. Been watching anime non stop for the last 6 hours. It’s way past midnight here and I’m writing this with one statement in mind: “I shall not hate jazz anymore.” I have been to a jazz concert and the only thing I could think about then was the fact thatContinue reading “This melody is stuck in my mind”

The confession – 12 Kingdoms Weekend

Hiya all! Being bored out of my mind, I decided to revisit an old Anime I used to know called The 12 Kingdoms. The action is set in a parallel universe where everybody looks like they are wearing medieval clothing and it follows the story of a 17yr old high school girl who finds out thatContinue reading “The confession – 12 Kingdoms Weekend”

Usagi Drop – Anime


Been watching anime again from my secret stash and I have to say that this “Usagi Drop” – Bunny Drop series has gotten me smiling again.
It’s a very nice story about a 31yr old office worker who decides to “adopt” his aunt (the love child of his grandfather and a manga artist who was more focused on her career than bringing up kids).
The story is very nicely made, based on how a person would react after getting a new kid in care. Buy clothes, bed sheets, toothbrushes, find a daycare, find a primary school.
The man is stressed between his job and his new attributions but he seems to like it more and more and he finds new friends (and possibly a new love) and the lessons taught in each episode… well.. only a kid can give you that type of love that you want to hug them and kiss them and hold them tight.
(maybe a cat too).

30 Days of blogging Honesty – Day 2

Day 02 — Not including food, blogging or television, my most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)… Oh Tom Baker, why did you have to go and remove food from the list? I have so MANY guilty pleasures in there! Like eating Thai Ramen with Sea Food Taste which stinks up the house and smells likeContinue reading “30 Days of blogging Honesty – Day 2”