Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

The obsessed guy from You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review is back! And he’s as psycho as ever! He’s insane and he’s happy about it. Caroline Kepnes delivers a more riveting, more chilling, more fascinating sophomore novel as our favorite sociopath Joe Goldberg takes on Hollywood… suspenseful, charming and unexpectedly poetic…With her singular style, endearing antihero andContinue reading “Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes”

You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review

Can’t wait to get started! Reading “You” by Caroline Kepnes @kepnesisms #book #obsession pic.twitter.com/z2QCz7xcMa — Carra Lucia Books (@BooksCarra) August 15, 2015 YOU is an intensely nerve racking and creepy novel with a touch black humour, leading towards the end that will have you screaming. YOU gives the reader an insight into the theme ofContinue reading “You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review”

19 Stories about Obsession

We all have experienced obsession at least in its milder form: having a compulsive , even unreasonable (at least in the view of others) idea or emotion. You are totally fixated on something or someone – a sport, video game, junk food, pop singer, film star, collecting something, lover or potential lover, even work –Continue reading “19 Stories about Obsession”