Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity by Tomislav Sunic

The essays presented in this volume have been collected from a number of original sources.  Along with his other published works, Tomislav Sunic is steadily turning his attention to a wide variety of topics affecting Europe’s cultural and political heritage, including such sacred and less sacred cows, as liberalism, the artistic legacy of the ThirdContinue reading “Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity by Tomislav Sunic”

Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (2006)

In Power, Freedom, and Grace, Deepak Chopra considers the mystery of our existence and its significance in our eternal quest for happiness. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I go when I die? Chopra draws upon the ancient philosophy of Vedanta and the findings of modern science to help us understandContinue reading “Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (2006)”

[AUDIOBOOK] Social Engineering The Art of Human Hacking – Hagnagy

The first book to reveal and dissect the technical aspect of many social engineering maneuvers. From elicitation, pretexting, influence and manipulation all aspects of social engineering are picked apart, discussed and explained by using real world examples, personal experience and the science behind them to unraveled the mystery in social engineering.


This book is the story of people’s encounters with radiation, and of how mankind has been transformed by the experience. The story is, therefore, told with an emphasis on the human aspects, and it is told from a health-centric perspective. The goal is to integrate the technological aspects of radiation with the human experience andContinue reading “STRANGE GLOW The Story of Radiation TIMOTHY J. JORGENSEN”