The Turn of the Screw * Henry James

After watching The Haunting Of Bly Manor (Netflix, 2020), I decided to finally read the Turn of the Screw on which the “splendid” show was based on. Written in 1898, the story follows a governess as she moves to an old mansion to care for two children and becomes convinced the place is haunted. ThereContinue reading “The Turn of the Screw * Henry James”

Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn

Guess who’s hooked on the new season of BoJack Horseman? While I think I’ll make a later post discussing the views of “toxic masculinity” and “Hollywood media accusing established actors for past transgressions” another time, there was a scene in the new season which absolutely blew me out of the water. One of my role-modelsContinue reading “Judah – BoJack Horseman – sings for Princess Carolyn”

Spinning Out – Or the story of a bi-polar skater

♪ Everything I want ♪ ♪ Comes at a cost ♪ ♪ And I want ♪ ♪ It all ♪ While I was watching this Netflix drama about a skater trying to overcome her previous trauma and trying to make it to the Olympics doing pair skating, all I could think of was “don’t stickContinue reading “Spinning Out – Or the story of a bi-polar skater”

Marianne – The French Horror Flick that brought exorcisms back on the table

OMG! I binge watched “Marianne” today and it was freaking scary. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween! I’m talking really scary due to the well used horror tropes: elderly possessed woman (like The Skeleton Key) Creepy children Scary dreams Demons! Falling teeth one hanged woman Slowly walking bloodied bodies I think what really got me wasContinue reading “Marianne – The French Horror Flick that brought exorcisms back on the table”

Love, Death and Robots and how it took the Internet by storm. Digital Storm!

I am in absolute awe what this show has accomplished. Each episode (varying from 8 to 18min in length) is a piece of art with a lovely story and a twist that leaves you hanging. The humour is crude, the penises are on display and the jokes keep rolling. From existential meditation of humankind asContinue reading “Love, Death and Robots and how it took the Internet by storm. Digital Storm!”

Horse to Busan * Medieval Zombies and K-drama

Kingdom is based on Webtoon “God’s Country”, written by Kim Eun-Hee (Signal). Plot: a Crown Prince in medieval South Korea must fight to save his people from a zombie infection rampaging throughout the land while he evades political enemies’ schemes to take his right to the throne. “Kingdom captured our imaginations from the moment we readContinue reading “Horse to Busan * Medieval Zombies and K-drama”

Russian Dolls and Multiple Timelines Explained

I think I finally figured out a little something about how this world works. Since it was Groundhog day yesterday, I decided to give Netflix’s new show, “Russian Doll”, a go. I was pulled in an I must say I really liked it! It’s like a mix-up of Rick and Morty and Happy Death Day, and, ofContinue reading “Russian Dolls and Multiple Timelines Explained”

WTF Did I just watch? Sense8 in the mix

I love a good show and when Neflix baited Sense8 in front of my eyes for two months, I finally gave in. With 8.4 on IMDB, I was expecting a knock-out show but instead, what I got was liberal agenda. Shoved in my face. Every freaking episode. I was already sick of it by episodeContinue reading “WTF Did I just watch? Sense8 in the mix”

The Haunting of Hill House or a series more about mental illness than about ghosts

This is our forever house. It always was. Nothing bad will ever touch them ever again. Nothing good will, either. I saw something new on my Netflix list – a series with a title similar to one of the most horrifying horror books I’ve ever laid my hands on. And since it’s October and SpookfestContinue reading “The Haunting of Hill House or a series more about mental illness than about ghosts”

Maniac * Netflix showed a good show!

Well, this September has been fun! Binge-watched BoJack Horseman Season 5, all of Ozark Season 2 and found a new show to watch this weekend. Maniac! So far, little is known about the heinous comedy drama miniseries “Maniac”, whose ten episodes will be released on Netflix on September 21st. Oscar winner Emma Stone (“La LaContinue reading “Maniac * Netflix showed a good show!”