Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)

I thought it would be quite cool to change my listening preferences for a while and dab into the amazing German language on my way to work. And it was absolutely the right choice when I was presented with some amazing words – “selbsmord” (literally killing of self – suicide) and “hinterhältigen” (devious) The ZombieContinue reading “Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)”

Stephen King – Misery Book Review

I think everybody’s read Misery by now or has at least seen the absolutely fantastic movie from the 90s about a writer’s biggest nightmare: an obsessed fan. Apparently, the book came to be when Stephen King had been asked for an autograph at a diner by a woman who called herself “his no1 fan”. HeContinue reading “Stephen King – Misery Book Review”

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards

When I picked up the Reader’s Digest collections of stories, this is the one I really wanted to read, but I had to start with a crap one called “An Offer you can’t refuse”. In the year 1964, a set of twin is born in the peaceful house of a country doctor and his youngContinue reading “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards”

A man called OVE by Fredrik Backman

“Death is a strange thing. People live their whole lives as if it does not exist, and yet it’s often one of the great motivations for living. Some of us, in time, become so conscious of it that we live harder, more obstinately, with more fury. Some need its constant presence to even be awareContinue reading “A man called OVE by Fredrik Backman”

Arrival: Film tie-in book by Ted Chiang

I have had this book in my bookcase to show that I’m not at all small-minded after hating on the Arrival movie that came out a few years ago. I carried an unpopular opinion that the alien encounter movie designed after the short novella by Ted Chiang called Stories of Your Life and Others was actuallyContinue reading “Arrival: Film tie-in book by Ted Chiang”

Lord of the Rings Volume 2 – The Two Towers

“Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?Where is the harp on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing?Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?They have passed like rain on the mountain,Continue reading “Lord of the Rings Volume 2 – The Two Towers”

Lord of the Rings Volume 1 – The Fellowship of the Ring

It’s been a long time waiting but it’s finally happened. I’ve started reading Lord Of The Rings and I can’t be happier! The books are epic and there is so much more in them compared to the movies. I have watched all three movies, extended editions, multiple times and I have had marathons over theContinue reading “Lord of the Rings Volume 1 – The Fellowship of the Ring”

One Day – David Nicholls Book Review

“You can live your whole life not realizing that what you’re looking for is right in front of you.” David Nicholls’s acclaimed novel, tracking the 20-year friendship of Dexter and Emma, has sold more than a million copies and the film version has been released a few years back. I’ve accidentally found my copy ofContinue reading “One Day – David Nicholls Book Review”