Happy International Women’s day! (With A Y the last man comic feature)

I’ve recently finished an amazing comic book called “Y: The last man”. “Y” as in the Y chromosome. It’s the story of a man who finds himself the only survivor of an apocalypse – but only one that affected all the men on the planet. A gendercide. Him and his pet capucin monkey called “Ampersand”Continue reading “Happy International Women’s day! (With A Y the last man comic feature)”

8th of March – Let’s dress up!

Yes, it is the 8th of March. Mostly known as mother’s day in a variety of countries. What is really cool about this day is that women will be treated like the most special creatures on earth (myself included). I will be looking forward the stack of flowers from my male friends, perfume, jewlery andContinue reading “8th of March – Let’s dress up!”