Rosemary’s Baby * Ira Levin Book Review

“It’s one thing to refer to the book,” Levin wrote of Rosemary’s Baby , “as being ‘generally credited or blamed for having sparked the current revival of occultism,’ and another to recognize, as I have in the past few years (writing in 1990), that the blame may be real and weighty.” The preponderance of horrorContinue reading “Rosemary’s Baby * Ira Levin Book Review”

Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty Book Review

No matter how seemingly perfect a person’s life is, no one can ever tell what demons he or she is fighting within. That is the premise of this lovely book which delves into analysing the complex social dynamics that form between parents who do a school-run. Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on ex-husbands andContinue reading “Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty Book Review”

Scary Moms – Wisecrack

I absolutely loved this video. Expectations of motherhood. Tackles amazing horror movies like “The Exorcist”, “Good Night Mommy”, “Hereditary”, “Babadook” and many more. I’ve seen all these horrors but it never actually hit me how they do in fact tackle motherhood – either from the socially accepted norms perspective or from the multi-dimensional meaning.

Dream a Little Dream – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Here’s another cute book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Still following the same formula where a cute redhead meets a grumpy older man and they get together – followed by a side plot where another 30-year old mousy virgin gets it on with the town single hot pastor. I knew what I was going to getContinue reading “Dream a Little Dream – Susan Elizabeth Phillips”

Born a Crime – Trevor Noah Book Review

As a kid I understood that people were different colors, but in my head white and black and brown were like types of chocolate. Dad was the white chocolate, mom was the dark chocolate, and I was the milk chocolate. But we were all just chocolate. This is the life story of comedian Trevor NoahContinue reading “Born a Crime – Trevor Noah Book Review”

The Talisman * Stephen King

There are some books that stay with you for a very long time. This is one of them. Set in the universe of the Dark Tower and the Territories, Stephen King brings to life the epic journey of a young boy to save his mother. From one side of the States to the other. HitchhikingContinue reading “The Talisman * Stephen King”