The Devil Crept In * Ania Ahlborn

He held his breath, straining to hear over Terry’s stupid game—muffled but still audible through the open front windows. Aunt Mandy’s doorbell ding-donged, soft murmurs drifting up into the almost-darkened sky. And then, the muffled beauty of the evening was shattered by a wail. A soul being torn from a body. Tragedy shaped into soundContinue reading “The Devil Crept In * Ania Ahlborn”

Brother Odd * Dean Koontz * Odd Thomas Series

Loop me in, odd one. The words, spoken in the deep of night by a sleeping child, chill the young man watching over her. For this was a favorite phrase of Stormy Llewellyn, his lost love, and Stormy is dead, gone forever from this world. In the haunted halls of the isolated monastery where heContinue reading “Brother Odd * Dean Koontz * Odd Thomas Series”

Stephen King's IT (The Clown That Loved Too Much)

7 children brought together by an immortal monster re-unite in Derry, Maine after 27 years to kill it for good. I would not understand, even know, why they would call this a novel when it was such a good horror story.A Novel: fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with someContinue reading “Stephen King's IT (The Clown That Loved Too Much)”

Dean Koontz – Shadowfires

Publication Date: 15 Aug 1991 Paperback: 608 pages Publisher: Headline; New Ed edition (15 Aug 1991) Language: English ISBN-10: 074723681X ISBN-13: 978-0747236818 Rachael Leben’s violently possessive ex-husband, Eric, hideously mangled in a freak accident, is dead. But his body has disappeared from the city morgue. Now someone, or something, is watching Rachael. Calling her. StalkingContinue reading “Dean Koontz – Shadowfires”