Stephen King – The Institute (2019)

I was SO thrilled to find a new book by Stephen King while randomly browsing for first signed editions. I immediately purchased it and I must say, after reading it, I was in awe. While I’ve never been fond of the Detective Hodges series, I love the short stories and the big books that Mr.Continue reading “Stephen King – The Institute (2019)”

Night Chills – Dean Koontz

There are some books by Dean Koontz which are well researched and well ahead of their time when published. Even in the Author’s note, there is an entire section dedicated to why “Night Chills” is not just another novel. Once entertained, however, they will be tempted to dismiss Night Chills as quickly as they mightContinue reading “Night Chills – Dean Koontz”

Subliminal Messages Defined

INTRODUCTION Subliminal message are being bombarded at you continuously thoughout the day, though books, magazines, television and music. Those who are most effective at using subliminal messages would like  to quickly dismiss the idea as ludicrous, laughable, and completely ineffective. The truth of the matter could not be further away. Subliminal messages are effective! TheirContinue reading “Subliminal Messages Defined”