Acquainted With the Night * Robert Frost Poetry

Have you ever had to go somewhere by yourself late at night, and gotten a little creeped out and lonely? Or, maybe you’ve had the feeling that nothing is wrong…but nothing is right, either. Or maybe you’ve been so sad that even things that don’t have feelings, like places or objects, seem sad to you.Continue reading “Acquainted With the Night * Robert Frost Poetry”

Stephen King * The night shift * The Graveyard Shift

From The Night Shift 1978 short story collection comes another one of the dark kind. A young drifter named Hall has been working at a decrepit textile mill in a small town in Maine when the cruel foreman, Warwick, recruits him and others to assist with a massive cleaning effort. The basement of the oldContinue reading “Stephen King * The night shift * The Graveyard Shift”

Four Past Midnight – Stephen King

A collection of stories that all have a twist King has published a few of these collections. Different Seasons, Hearts In Atlantis, Full Dark No Stars, even the Bachman Books – each features pieces that, for many writers, would be published as individual books. Four Past Midnight is no exception: four stories that cover many different facetsContinue reading “Four Past Midnight – Stephen King”