INTRODUCTION: Having had a lot of experience of relationships, sexual encounters and the male psyche I feel that I am in an excellent position to offer help and advice to “would-be Casanovas”. Men and women are so very different and require handling in specific ways,  especially when it comes to matters of courtship. I’m sureContinue reading “HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH WOMEN!”

“Mary Queen of Scots” and “Second Act” – Strong Women Return

I have been to the movies once more and I’ve been lucky (or unlucky based on standpoint) to watch two looong movies about strong women trying to make it in the world of misogynistic men. I kinda liked both of them but I could not help but think that “Mary Queen of Scots” was aContinue reading ““Mary Queen of Scots” and “Second Act” – Strong Women Return”

Let me show you why I find dating boring

19:09 Chris Hi how are you 19:40 Me Hello! Just chilling out tonight Watching tv 19:40 Chris Nice what you watching 19:41 Me American Dad Most people don’t like it because of the animation but it’s so funny 19:41 Chris Cool. What you looking for 19:42 Me I haven’t lost anything? Why should I beContinue reading “Let me show you why I find dating boring”

Happy International Women’s day! (With A Y the last man comic feature)

I’ve recently finished an amazing comic book called “Y: The last man”. “Y” as in the Y chromosome. It’s the story of a man who finds himself the only survivor of an apocalypse – but only one that affected all the men on the planet. A gendercide. Him and his pet capucin monkey called “Ampersand”Continue reading “Happy International Women’s day! (With A Y the last man comic feature)”

The creepiest stalkers on Tinder and WhatsApp

Some people should not be allowed out of an insane asylum and I am VERY happy that the Block/Report buttons have been added to the two communications apps as some people out there need a check-up. Here’s a top 10 of most disturbing, most sickly and definitely most creepy private messages that people have decidedContinue reading “The creepiest stalkers on Tinder and WhatsApp”