Donnie Darko’s best quotes

I went to see the 15 year remastered edition of Donnie Darko last night. If you have been living in a cave and have not heard of this movie, it’s about a troubled paranoid schizophrenic teenager named Donnie Darko and his last days in his life as he experiences visions of a giant bunny rabbit namedContinue reading “Donnie Darko’s best quotes”

Goosebumps and motivation from Cloud Atlas

“The Revelation of Sonmi 451 To be is to be perceived, and so to know thyself is only possible through the eyes of the other. The nature of our immortal lives is in the consequences of our words and deeds, that go on and are pushing themselves throughout all time. – Our lives are notContinue reading “Goosebumps and motivation from Cloud Atlas”


I got obsessed again with a book. I’ve re-read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and was amazed at the beauty of the English language. Here are my favorite quotes: We rest; a dream has power to poison sleep. We rise; one wand’ring thought pollutes the day. We feel, conceive, or reason; laugh or weep, Embrace fond woe, or castContinue reading “Frankenstein”

Deep Story

I’ve recently run across this beautiful story by Andy Weir on GalactaNet so I decided to share it with you. I was truly amazed that so much wisdom could be gathered in just a few paragraphs… I felt kinda sad when it ended. I wanted to know how the life of a Chinese woman in 540AD would haveContinue reading “Deep Story”