Margaret Atwood – Life before man

Look, I’m smiling at you, I’m smiling in you, I’m smiling through you. How can I be dead if I breathe in every quiver of your hand? – Abram Tertz (Andrei Sinyavsky), The Icicle Oh wow, what a book this has been. I read it in short bursts and I must say it’s one ofContinue reading “Margaret Atwood – Life before man”

How past experiences affect your life

Without the interaction of other people an individual can’t develop a personality. Sociologist Herbert Mead developed a theory known as social behaviorism, which helped explained why past social experiences help form an individuals’ personality. Mead did not believe that personality was developed by drives or biologically, but more on terms socially.  He stated that theContinue reading “How past experiences affect your life”

Social Phobias

Did you ever feel afraid to go out? Even to the mall? You might be suffering from a Social Phobia By Jenny Bishop September 3, 2013 Everyone is afraid of something. Everyone experiences nervousness, anxiety and even in superior feelings around certain people. Some people possess these feelings so deeply that their fear is considered irrational.Continue reading “Social Phobias”

Games People Play – The psychology of human relationships

Sensory Deprivation has been the cause of decline in a human’s functions. When in company, this deprivation can degenerate into games of acceptance. Read more! SOCIAL INTERCOURSE THE theory of social intercourse, which has been outlined at some length in Transnational Analysis may be summarized as follows. Spitz has found that infants deprived of handlingContinue reading “Games People Play – The psychology of human relationships”