20 Quirks and Strange Habits of famous writers

Thanks to Donna, we have a new amazing Infographic to show you! This one is about writers and some odd habits they had! Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita, Pale Fire, and Ada, was very particular about his writing instruments. He composed all his works on index cards, which he kept in slim boxes. This oddContinue reading “20 Quirks and Strange Habits of famous writers”

The synonyms that showcase a well-read mind

If you don’t suffer from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of long words), you might find yourself at a loss of words, literally, during a writing assignment. Nothing sounds worse than a sentence like this one: I wanted to buy the next iPhone. Now try saying it with one of the synonyms below. In the mean time, I’ll goContinue reading “The synonyms that showcase a well-read mind”