David Mitchell * Slade House Book Review

Death’s life’s only guarantee, yes? We all know it, yet we’re hardwired to dread it. That dread’s our survival instinct and it serves us well enough when we’re young, but it’s a curse when you’re older.” I picked up this book only due to the fact that it was written by Cloud Atlas’ David MitchellContinue reading “David Mitchell * Slade House Book Review”

H. Rider Haggard – She

Between the ages of eleven and seventeen, I read M. R. James, the master of the creepy tale, and all of H. G. Wells’s fantastical stories— The War of the Worlds , The Island of Doctor Moreau , The Invisible Man , “The Country of the Blind,” and many more. Arthur Conan Doyle’s The LostContinue reading “H. Rider Haggard – She”