Silent Witnesses – Annelie Wendeberg

All the silent witnesses … the place, the body, the prints … can speak if one knows how to properly interrogate them. Alexandre Lacassagne Dr Elizabeth Arlington keeps her past buried. But when a woman is killed in a train accident, she falls into old habits and examines the body. All evidence points to murder.Continue reading “Silent Witnesses – Annelie Wendeberg”

Alice Munro’s Best: Selected Stories by Alice Munro

This is a dazzling selection of stories–seventeen favorites chosen by the author from across her distinguished career. I have to admit to ignorance – I had not heard of Alice Munro until she was awarded the Nobel prize for literature and when she gained the spotlight, she gained one additional follower. Alice Munro has beenContinue reading “Alice Munro’s Best: Selected Stories by Alice Munro”

Quote about widows – Alias Grace – Margaret Atwood

Then I thought about widows — about widow’s humps, and widow’s walks, and the widow’s mite in the Bible, which we servants were always being urged to give to the poor out of our wages; and also I thought about how the men would wink and nod when a young and rich widow was mentioned,Continue reading “Quote about widows – Alias Grace – Margaret Atwood”