Astrology and the search for True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma

Sunsets, walks, talks, drives in the countryside, holding hands candle-light dinners, soft music. It’s all part of romance. Just the sound of the word rouses hopes and recalls memories. There is a longing for romance in most of us. After romance, the logical progression is to love. Above all else, that’s what we call desireContinue reading “Astrology and the search for True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma”

Mutual Relations in Astrology

by L R Chawdhri In day-to-day life we find that some persons disturb you, attract you, hate you or annoy you for no reasons. So question arises why people should have such impact on you. Let us analyse this question in a methodical way through astrology. Mutual harmony between two persons of the same sex,Continue reading “Mutual Relations in Astrology”