Hans Christian Andersen was Gay? His Love Letter.

I came upon a new cool fact today that I did not know about. Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of several children’s stories like “The little mermaid” and “The princess and the pea” and many more, was gay (or bisexual). The story of the little mermaid is well known by children all over the world.Continue reading “Hans Christian Andersen was Gay? His Love Letter.”

The Little Mermaid – Hans Christian Andersen

  Hans Christian Andersen (1836) AR out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest cornflower, and as clear as crystal, it is very, very deep; so deep, indeed, that no cable could fathom it: many church steeples, piled one upon another, would not reach from the ground beneath to the surfaceContinue reading “The Little Mermaid – Hans Christian Andersen”