Winter is coming – the Nie ma, nie ma ciebe song

Long ago I was in love with the music of Goran Bregović. I had listened to the White Cat, Black Cat soundtrack, Weddings and Funerals band and to the eerie voice of Kayah while playing StarCraft (I don’t usually like in-game music selections so I choose my own). Imagine me gathering minerals on folk musicContinue reading “Winter is coming – the Nie ma, nie ma ciebe song”

A short middle finger to @Channel4 for the s%$t spray on honest Romanians

The sweet and caring people at Channel4 have recently aired (and keep on airing to their shame) a show that not only shows a few stereotypes as the general outlook of an entire nation, but are also encouraging dissensions among legal immigrants in the United Kingdom and Brits. I’m a Romanian, I am working inContinue reading “A short middle finger to @Channel4 for the s%$t spray on honest Romanians”

Inside a Gypsy Home

This is the life of the people not paying tax “Gypsy Interiors”is a series of portraits capturing the private world of these outwardly loud, vivacious people. Here he finds a rich and profound intimacy, hidden but exhibited among antique furniture, tapestries, paintings, religious images, china, staircases and mirrors, set into large rooms or sometimes minimizedContinue reading “Inside a Gypsy Home”