As the crow flies – by Jeffrey Archer – Book Review

I wanted to see if I can continue reading Jeffrey Archer after the fiasco with Jeffrey Archer – Mightier than the sword and I have mixed thoughts about the latest book I picked up. It was boring in parts but quite interesting in others. All in all, it was a solid 2.34/5. This is a fairly goodContinue reading “As the crow flies – by Jeffrey Archer – Book Review”

William Trevor* The story of Lucy Gault

Shortlisted for the 2002 Man Booker Prize I’ve picked it up from my bookshelf but I never thought I would find so little to love in this story. Everything was truly predictable, the characters lacked vitality and the only high-point in the entire book was the possibility of a romance. And even that one dwindledContinue reading “William Trevor* The story of Lucy Gault”

Dementia – how does it feel to be uncertain about your wits in retirement?

King Lear is one of the greatest portrayals of ageing in Western literature. It explores the sense of uncertainty that can result from retirement, and the role-reversal that often comes with ageing, as the children become the parents. Throughout the play, Lear’s behaviour is changeable. At times he grows irrationally angry, while at others heContinue reading “Dementia – how does it feel to be uncertain about your wits in retirement?”

Hearts in Atlantis – Stephen King Book Review

In “Hearts in Atlantis” Stephen King reaches the maturity every author tries to achieve during his career. Along the five stories existent in the book, King blends in his fantasy magna-opus (The Dark Tower) with some touching tales about discovering life during the sixties in US, and how some of the people of that generationContinue reading “Hearts in Atlantis – Stephen King Book Review”