Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

“We have a name for your disease. We call it a hyper-aesthetic one. You have been encouraged to over-indulge yourself in literature; and have inflamed your organs of fancy.” Sue Trinder is an orphan, left as an infant in the care of Mrs. Sucksby, a “baby farmer,” who raised her with unusual tenderness, as ifContinue reading “Fingersmith by Sarah Waters”

The Queen of The Damned * Anne Rice

After Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat and the auto-biographical rise to fame, Lestat finds that he has gone a bit soft and unnoticed. Not even the Tale of the Body Thief could bring him back to his notorious ways. So he releases a rock album into the world (which causes one ofContinue reading “The Queen of The Damned * Anne Rice”

A Head Full of Ghosts – Paul Tremblay Book Review

Other jackasses have tried to argue that it’s John Barrett, not Marjorie Barrett, who becomes The Possession ’s true tragic figure, and that the show is really about his descent into madness, his being possessed by the ugliness of hatred and zealotry. His daughter’s illness, his family’s dysfunction, his unemployed status, and his beloved CatholicContinue reading “A Head Full of Ghosts – Paul Tremblay Book Review”

The Woman in Black – Susan Hill Book Review

I had a story, a true story, a story of haunting and evil, fear and confusion, horror and tragedy. But it was not a story to be told for casual entertainment, around the fireside upon Christmas Eve. The story begins with Arthur Kipps, a retired solicitor who formerly worked for Mr. Bentley. One night heContinue reading “The Woman in Black – Susan Hill Book Review”

Malice by Griffin Hayes Book Review

Welcome to Millingham, MA, pop. 5000… 4997… 4993… The sheriff has convinced himself and others that the recent rash of deaths in the town are just suicides. Lysander Shore knows different. He knows the townsfolk are being hunted. He knows they face an evil as old as the town itself. He knows it’s something thatContinue reading “Malice by Griffin Hayes Book Review”

Anne Rice * Belinda Book Review

In Belinda, Anne Rice plunges us into a story of forbidden love to explore the dark recesses of passion. Like the “Story of O” shocked the sixties expressing what hitherto remained veiled, Anne Rampling (pseudonym of Anne Rice) reveals the sexual desires of our time. Following the literary tradition of Anais Nin and Henry Miller,Continue reading “Anne Rice * Belinda Book Review”

Rain / Plouă – George Bacovia

Da, plouă cum n-am mai văzut… Şi grele tălăngi adormite, Cum sună sub şuri învechite! Cum sună în sufletu-mi mut! Yes, it rains as I have never seen… And heavy cowbells asleep, How they ring in olden sheds! How they ring in my speechless soul! Oh, plânsul tălăngii când plouă! Oh, the bells‘ lamentation inContinue reading “Rain / Plouă – George Bacovia”